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 Branding, Digital Design, Infographic Design, Website Development, Content


The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, based at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital, worked with experts from around the world to develop resources and training materials for parents and healthcare professionals making decisions about vaccinations during pregnancy. Friday worked with the team to create the MumBubVax brand, and to develop twin sites for the content. 


The site is built to meet the needs of parents with different levels of interest and engagement. Busy mums and dads who want to get credible information as quickly and easily as possible can scan the key messages, while those who want to explore the research around the risks and benefits of vaccination for themselves have the opportunity to dig deeper.


A password-protected section of the site provides healthcare professionals with access to resources including training materials, videos, and an interactive ‘cheat sheet’ that allows users to revise and customise their learning.

We found working with the Friday team an absolute pleasure - they are friendly and professional with a can-do attitude that is quite inspiring.  


Associate Professor Margie Danchin,

Murdoch Children's Research Institute

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