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Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade



In 2020, The Friday Collective worked with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and their partners, GHD, to conduct a large market research program across Australia, Asia and the Pacific. Its aim was to understand how stakeholders, from institutional leaders through to grassroots players, felt about the impact of sport in their communities and about Australia’s sports diplomacy activity. Those insights would be used to inform the ongoing communications strategy, with particular reference to Sports Diplomacy 2030 branding, and the development of the three related Sports Diplomacy 2030 websites: Sport Exchange Australia; PacificAus Sports; and Team Up.


The research program included a survey of 2,500+ stakeholders across 13 countries, 46 interviews with key stakeholders representing Australian, Pacific and international sporting bodies, and a social listening exercise that tracked and assessed online conversations about sport across Pacific audiences.

Highlights from the research were published on the Sport Exchange Australia website in two documents: How Sport Unites Us: Australia and the Pacific and The Industry View: Australia’s Opportunity Through Sport.

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