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 Division of External Engagement

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Every year, UNSW’s friends and partners, including the University’s alumni and a dedicated network of philanthropic donors, actively support the development of students and staff, and the pursuit of ground-breaking research. As a community, they set themselves apart from their peers by prioritising academic excellence embedded in the context of social equity and impact.

Since 2019, Friday has worked with the UNSW Division of External Engagement to tell the stories of both the supporters, and the real world impacts they make possible. Working with some of Australia’s finest journalists, we are proud to have played our part in bringing to light the relationship between the Balnaves family and Professor Megan Davis, pioneers of the Uluru Statement from the Heart, the heart-warming story of the gift in will from Professor Warwick Morison, the transformative mission of the UNSW Galleries Commissioners Circle, and many more inspirational tales.

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