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The world’s first health promotion organisation, VicHealth, has been the driver of ground-breaking initiatives including a hugely successful buy-out of tobacco sponsorship in the 1980s and the 2019 localised roll-out of the This Girl Can campaign. 


From 2017-2020, The Friday Collective supported the ground-breaking work of the VicHealth team by providing editorial services for the VicHealth Letter: a communication initiative that delivered thought-leadership content to decision-makers in the Victorian state government and local councils, and the heads of influential health, sports, and arts organisations. 


Aligned with VicHealth’s priority areas, the content positioned the organisation as the go-to source for the most progressive, most reputable and best-informed thinking on health equity and health promotion. It also helped VicHealth to consolidate its relationships with key thinkers, locally and globally, by featuring their voices and championing their work. 

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