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Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade

Branding, Digital Design, Website Development, Content


For decades, the Australian Government has successfully used sport as a way to build relationships and extend its influence with the global community. In 2015, it formalised that approach with the release of the Sports Diplomacy Strategy.


When that strategy was updated in 2019, as Sports Diplomacy 2030, a decision was made to develop a digital hub that would promote the initiative and connect its many stakeholders across Australia and around the Pacific. 


The Friday Collective worked with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to develop a brand identity for what would become known as Sport Exchange Australia, informed by an extensive market research program. The branding played out in the design and development of a website built to champion the role of sport in public diplomacy, and promote the work of the Sports Diplomacy Advisory Council and key partners in Australian sport. Technical aspects of the GovCMS build were managed by our collaborators, Webplace.


We couldn’t be prouder to be part of an initiative that is connecting people and communities around our region, and building a safer, fairer, stronger world through sport.

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